A Stone in Water

A.  Jay Adler


This stone.

This water flowing.

This flow of water

streaming over the stone.

You could look at it

all day

and never stop.

How the water

endlessly courses

liquid and bright.

How the stone lies

still below.

If only every day

could be this way

in stillness at the bottom

of motion

with substance at the center

of light.

You will try to hold it

in the palm you stretch

between the sediment and sun

just to believe you live

in the same transparent world;

you will hope to preserve

in the gladness of your senses

(like the blood running through you)

the same arresting motion.

But the instant

you always knew

was coming


succeeding like all the rest.

Now upon now upon now

the water flows

the stone stays still

and you offer your attention

knowing this moment, too

will last forever.




Copyright 2007 by the Tipton Poetry Journal.

All rights remain the exclusive property of the individual poet and may not be used without their permission.