In the Steady Hum

Richard Alan Bunch


In the steady hum of windshield wipers

The weather roots its mission:

To uncover love’ s grounding


That does not lose itself in fields of love-lies-bleeding,

Does not exile moods of signs,

And does not forge pearls of smoke.


It embraces trails of the divine,

Opens textures of rebirth,

And happens in the syntax of color.


The weather rearranges auroras,

Reads riddles first and finally overtakes

Elevations of bluebells, the soft rock of euphony.


Richard Alan Bunch is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of several collections of poetry, including Greatest Hits, Wading the Russian River, and A Foggy Morning. His poetry has appeared in Poetry New Zealand, Coe Review, Orbis, Red River Review, Slant, Dirigible, and the Oregon Review. His poems have been translated into Japanese, Hindi, and Italian. His latest poetry collection is Running for Daybreak.  He resides with his family in Davis, California.