Fooling Around

Mary Crow


The leveling of luck is gamble, is

gaming, is the etching of foolery,

a line reaching out to a new world

as his hand reached out in the dark car

to tug at her blouse while she squirmed.

Is the real “what we cannot look away from”?

Or is it the unconsciousness of our

astonishment?  The intensity of time?

The “facts” reverberate and the finite

falls silent but even the silence is noisy –

hollow slough of wind through trees

and the rattle of faraway traffic . . . .

Above the car the sky was a field

sprinkled with fireflies, and the edge

of the world appeared near the windows

like a ruin moving toward a memory,

the leveling of luck, the gamble.



Mary Crow teaches at Colorado State University in the Creative Writing program and serves as Poet Laureate of Colorado.  Her poems have recently been accepted or published by Prairie Schooner, Hotel Amerika, Field, Ecopoetics, Verse, Main Street Rag, and Margie.  She is currently circulating a book of poems titled Isleward.