Paul Hostovsky


 I think you notice the lovers more when you're alone and not in love

 than you do when you're not in love anymore but not alone yet either.

 Then you notice the ones who are alone more and moreover wish you were one of them.


 But I think you suffer less when you're alone and not in love

 watching the lovers kissing inside the double bows of their embraces

 than you do when you're in the double bow of an embrace you want to undo.


 But let me ask you this, are you alone here and I only ask because

 I'm not in love myself and happened to notice you sitting here watching

 those lovers kissing on the bench over there because I was watching them too.


I don't think they care we're watching in fact I doubt they're even aware.

I mean if I were the one kissing the one I'm in love with there on a bench

I wouldn't notice us sitting here talking and watching us kissing would you?


Paul Hostovsky's poems appear widely online and in print and have been featured on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and The Writer’s Almanac.  He has two poetry chapbooks, Bird in the Hand (Grayson Books,2006) and Dusk Outside the Braille Press (Riverstone Press, 2006).  He works in Boston as a sign language interpreter.  More of Paul's poetry is at: