Jean Lehrman


I watch how he watches out for her

as she




behind a column,

at the end of the platform.


On the train they sit mirrored

his head's on his right hand,

hers, on her left


He holds the bigger shopping bag

and sits on the outside.


The urge to lie down

must be overpowering:

all these empty seats three across.


It’s a beautiful day outside

but cold.


Jean Lehrman, a popular poet and performer in New York City, is published in several local journals, including Clown Wars and anthologized in Cat's Breath (Rogue Scholars Press, 2005).  Her chapbook, If You Come Back I Won't Have AIDS (Dead Proofreaders Society,2004 ), sold out. A new book (still untitled) is scheduled for release in 2007 by Rogue Scholars Press. Her work is online at,, and the Book of Voices