Queenpin and Nun that Got in the Way at the Art Institute

M. Lynne Metz


Hushed, they poise,

pupils in palms

pyre of thumbs and digits…


salon 247, the lanes

west to Mondrian, the maroon house of Munster

hail north toward Demuth to pray in planed temples of rust

sail east toward Cassatt all rose cheeks and imp chuckles

step and Matisse your way south

See the monster truck thighs splat flat all green and gray…


The Monday morning league of moms and other workday vagrants

like church heads lob their arrows, all eyes arc to idols

the sanctuary of shoulder level


Below, a blip in the blind spot

Something blond, note stubble in the lane

Correction the crowd is hushed

there’s a pimple on the parquet

it’s Peewee’s big land playground!

Go squeak!  And giggle run run run


Oops!  And Mom spots her

see the teeter tartan totter

Grownup Plan:  sheepish grin then Mother anthem

I know I shouldn’t have played backwards screw you

Horton hears a hiss under breath

I need adult time


Second, start strategy:

the (understood) back turn

see a weeble wobble, bumper car bobble

BOOM!  Diddyboomdiddydiddy


siren sounds, penguin down

radar runaround

runaway home




help is on the way said the spider to the fly

Here, horizontal one

Refer to diagram A

Put thumb on knob of shoulder Right and Left then press-

tumble out tear drops, erect kid on kickstand

pat on back one two three


and return wet shoe for deposit


M. Lynne Metz has lived in the Chicago area since 1987 and now resides in Maywood, Illinois with her husband and five year old daughter.  She finds that writing poetry is exceptionally enjoyable.  Her previous work has appeared in Triton College’s Ariel and will appear in Ariel XXVI in 2008.