Scott Moncrieff


Paper clouds

      hung over the island

           as the Doublemint Twins

              paddled to shore.

                 At first they were lonely.

                  They couldn’t converse

                     since they inevitably said

                      the same things

                       at the same time

                       in the same chirpy voices.

                      After they used

                     their last sticks of gum

                   to catch a curious seagull

                  they found their mouths

                  strangely empty.

                  Fishing helped. 

                   It kept their hands active

                     and they could throw

                       in a word now and then.

                         Their eyes gradually adjusted

                            to the absence of studio glare

                               and by the time they were rescued

                                 several weeks later

                                  they were practically normal.


                                  Naturally, the media went berserk–

                                  pretty girls in rags,

                                 deserted island,

                                spiritual reawakening, etc.–

                              and by summer,

                           on tour with their new book,

                         the girls glanced at each other

                    behind the glitter-eyed talk show host,

                 grass-skirted and gyrating

             on a patch of studio sand,

        and wondered if the cool evening breezes

   and the golden path on the water

were only a paper dream.


Scott Moncrieff is an English teacher at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  His previous poems have appeared in The Nebraska Review, The Rockford Review, Christian Century and other venues.