Tomorrow Before

Meredith Trede


A faint trail of our molecules flickers in

   every place we’ve ever been: stroll the alley

     where your parents courted, rearrange the doily


Aunt Clara tatted, seek out your old street’s potsy

   playground.  The shudder, tagged someone stepping

     on your grave, may not be your future but another’s


past particle of pain.  Walking through life

   backwards, locked on what was, we stumble

     over the future as childhood’s poky minute-hand


whirligigs the grown-up years away.  Harvest

   the molecules.  Plug in the old toaster.  Inhale

     the ions.  Play a taped radio show:  It’s Make


Believe Ballroom Time.  Savor the scalloped

   potatoes from mom’s polka dot chafing dish.

     Let the past snap back through wavering time.


Meredith Trede is one of the founding publishers of Toadlily Press. Her chapbook, Out of the Book, was published in Desire Path, the inaugural volume of The Quartet Series.  Her poems have been published by Blue Mesa Review, Gargoyle, Heliotrope, The Nebraska Review, The Paris Review, Runes, West Branch and others.  Meredith lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York.