Post-It Notes from Jesus

Ann Walters


 Do not be comforted by outward signs.

 The cross and the book.

 A stone rolled back.

 The echo of bombs in the distant desert.





 Take no solace in men

 who are righteous in word only.

 Words are easy.

 Demand good deeds.

 Cry foul. Seek mercy.




 Spell tolerance and understanding

 with the leftover letters

 of hatred and misapprehension.

 Kick your feet in the dust

 as you wander.




 Don’t ask what another would do.

 Bumper stickers are false prophets.

 Don’t ask yourself what you should do

 when you already know the answer.

 Shut up and listen.




 Pick up a rag and a bone

 and know humanity is mere

 flesh. Let weakness

 be your strength.

 Sing loudly when you have reason.


Ann Walters lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two  young daughters. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Poet  Lore, Carousel, Poetry International, Other Poetry, Ballard Street Poetry Journal, and others.