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The first issue of the Tipton Poetry Journal consisted of poems written by poets who had attended the Tipton Poetry Reading, which met monthly from 2002 through 2005. The readings usually featured a prominent Indiana poet, always included an open mic format, and were attended by poets from the countryside and cities around Tipton, Indiana.

Although the monthly format no longer exists, the Tipton Poetry Journal evolved from the energy of those public readings and is now a printed forum.

The Tipton Poetry Journal, located in the heartland of the Midwest, publishes quality poetry from Indiana and around the world.

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Issue #7 is available for sale on-line now for $5.00 including shipping.




C.S. Fuqua

Greg Baysans

Michaela A. Gabriel

Leah Browning

Roger Pfingston

Paul Hostovsky

Wanda D. Campbell

Dorothy Summers

W.K. Buckley

Ashok Niyogi

Janet McCann

Shanna Germain

CL Bledsoe

Liz Gallagher

M. Lynne Metz

Steven Shields

Jean Lehrman

Richard Alan Bunch

Liz Dolan

Mimi Moriarty

Kathleen Vibbert

James Keane

David W. Landrum

Patrick Carrington

Alex Mattingly

Joan Colby

Shaindel Beers

Jennifer Pruden Colligan

Meredith Trede

J M McDermott

Toks Adetuyi

Sarah Sarai

Robert Parham

Barbara Daniels

Robert W. Cosgriff

Gil Arzola

Scott Moncrieff

Stephen R. Roberts

Terry Cunningham

Gina M. Tabasso

Mary Crow

Amy Genova

Lylanne Musselman

J.L. Kato

Ann Walters

Jim Miles

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